You have your expectations. Then there’s the reality. And then, comes stock photos. 

Stock photos have made the world a better place (I don’t know how, but it has). But sometimes, they are just trying too hard.

In the meantime, Twitter seems to be having a great time with #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

My classroom my rules y’all!

Waiting for people to look away so that I can eat it.

I eat my words, like literally!

Me and my twisted concepts of life.

Wanna play Wingardium Leviosa with me?

Decoding the feelings in solitude.

I see you!

Taking “food love” to another level.

Can we get an Iphone for these?

Because plucking eyebrows are too mainstream.

Hello from the other side!

I can see through your eyes, love.

Screw the gloves, I got this!

When you say you need space and your friends tell you where to go.

What a rubbery contradiction.

Just taking a good look at your food before eating isn’t a problem.

Let’s play “teacher-teacher”!

Cause I want them to “hear me out”.

To inject or not?

Spot the patient!

Wonder why some people have a shorter lifespan?

Get me a kilogram of life.

And once again this year, there were no crops.

Breakfast with Transformers.

Burning Man ft. engineering.

Just a scientist chilling with a plant.

Eat, sleep, coordinate, repeat!

Do you even brain bro?

We be rollin’ the kids be workin’

Types of dates: 1. Blast from the past

When all the patients boycott you.

Cause winners never give up!