When the world’s first rules were written down, I bet there were those that read them and cowered in obedience… and those whose minds immediately got cracking on ways to take the piss out of them in the most creative of ways.

Let’s face it, rules are made to be broken, and no one demonstrates this better than the “following” (pun intended) out-of-the-box thinkers. 

1. When homework asks you to get into character, you bloody well get into character.

2. They’re not letting you sell water, huh?

3. You asked me me to tell them so!

4. Since the customer is always right…

5. Bye left curb! You shall be missed.

6. Aye aye, captn’!

7. Seems rude, but I ain’t fighting the law, so…

8. Of course I can, mum!

9. When you’re a pro at following instructions.

10. Going above and beyond.

11. I like Denise. For very different reasons than Marcus.

12. You got it.

13. You can’t say the barista wasn’t paying attention.

14. Fair question.

15. Check and mate.

16. Thanks, but no thanks.

17. If you say so..?

18. Well, you do you then, I guess!

19. I mean, what choice did the man have!

20. Well played, sir. Well played.

21. Thanks for nothing, Siri, you condescending bitch.

22. Right. Of course. Gotta be careful.

23. This kid is going places. I can tell.

24. OMG, I’ve alwasy wanted one!!!

25. You sure? They said these things lasted for a while..?

26. Well, you didn’t say anything about unicycling, didja, suckers?!

27. I especially love that one person actually marked it with a cross. Now that’s honesty!

28. Yep. That looks about right.

29. When you just want to get home and a road sign gives you an art project.

30. Ain’t no rule-breaking smoker over here. Nope.

31. That seems counter-productive… but they said ‘please’.

32. Doesn’t seem to be working for the deer.

33. Okay, I tried it, and it really feels like the worst bloody way to enjoy it.

34. This guy knows cooking instructions should never be taken lightly.

Because as Pablo Picasso’s famously wise words go, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”