Optical illusions make use of our mind’s collective unit, from the brain to the eyes, everything’s challenged to figure out what the illusion conceals. 

Apart from helping us improve our optical creativity, such illusions are fun images, meant to trick your vision. 


Now Reddit, brings to us an optical illusion, which is breaking the internet because it is so friggin’ hard to process and understand quickly. 

Don’t believe so? Here, try it out yourself. 


A Twitter user, Chaz Firestone, first introduced that the illusion, claiming all balls are brown but appear to be of different shades. Some agree, some simply fail to spot the brown colour. 

Some even called it fake news. 

But for those who didn’t get how that can happen, some users were on point. 

Including a 7-year-old.

Quite engaging and clearly a trick, which many would’ve missed despite looking at it a 100 times. How long did it take you?