Families around the world are working from home, quarantined with their kids. One such example is the Kelly family. 

We famously remember Robert Kelly for his interrupted BBC interview. During his first interview in 2017, his two kids waltzed into the room and took all the attention away from their father. 

Now, three years later, Marion and James Kelly are back on camera to prove that some things never change. 

BBC went back to the family of four and asked them how they were dealing with the lockdown. The Kelly's, who live in South Korea, were just beginning to explain how the country has managed to successfully flatten the curve, when they were once again interrupted. 

Watch the parents struggle to keep the two kids under control as they answer some serious questions about the coronavirus outbreak.

Marion and James decided to steal the spotlight, jumping in front of the camera with their adorable antics. At one point, Marion began answering questions during the interview and James started playing a video game. 

It sure must be fun to be stuck in quarantine with the excited Kelly kids.