video of BBC journalist Quentin Sommerville, which went viral in 2014, braced the internet again. In this viral video, Sommerville was reporting the burning of a pile of drugs, but accidentally got high on their fumes, and failed to report further. 

Quentin Sommerville, BBC’s Middle East correspondent, was reporting from an open field where he accidentally got high. In the video, he can be seen giggling hysterically, unable to finish his sentences. Although he tried several times, the narcotics gave him uncontrollable giggles to the point where even the cameraman burst out laughing.

“Burning behind me is 8½ tons of heroin, opium, hashish, and other narcotics,” Sommerville is seen saying as the giggles begin to erupt. After that, he had a streak of failed attempts, each attempt funnier than the previous one.

Twitter had a gala time over the video, some reminiscing when it first went viral, others confused about how they haven’t come across this gem yet.

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