While some videos on the internet are oddly satisfying to watch, others end up infuriating the viewers.

Speaking of which, Brianah Christianson, a beauty blogger from Chicago recently used mehndi/henna as a lip stain to get "perfectly tanned" lips. 

In the video clip that's going viral, Brianah can be seen applying henna on her lips and leaving it on for 1 hour to achieve an orange-ish tint but, little does she know that beetroot and rose petals could've been used for the same purpose. *Facepalm*

Even Indians aren't quite impressed with this hack and they think it's just bizarre to apply mehndi anywhere else other than on the hands, feet and hair. 

After the video went viral, the beauty blogger posted another video saying that the henna lip stain vanished after two days. She also noticed that the cones she was using contained harmful chemicals so she urged others not to use that particular mehndi brand. 

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