The country was still trying to come to terms with Gurugram when another state has decided to shun its existing name for a new identity. The state in question is West Bengal which might soon be called Bongo or Bangla in Hindi and just Bengal in English.

One of the many reasons cited to remove ‘West’ from West Bengal is so that the name of the state comes up alphabetically.  

They could’ve removed the ‘Beng’ as well. That way it’d just been ‘al’. And way up on the list. Just saying.

Now we’re all aware of West Bengal’s love for music but naming an entire state after a musical instrument is a bit too much, don’t you think Mamata didi?

I mean look at the modifications they’ll have to do now. Nobody’s gonna take royal ‘bongo’ tiger seriously.


And what if nobody goes into a ‘Bongo’ sweet shop thinking they sell sweet sounding musical instruments?

The Twitterati, as usual, was having a blast with this name change proposal.

With Bengal now about to become Bongo, they should name this their state food.

Here’s hoping that a new name will bring new facilities to the state as well.