Just when we think we have seen everything in life, there’s something patiently waiting on Twitter to stray us further away from God. In today’s episode of WTF news, students in West Bengal are getting addicted to flavoured condoms (wait for the plot twist). 

Nope, not as a contraceptive (do kids in college even get sex?) but rather to feel the ‘high’. If this didn’t make you uncomfortable enough then read further.

They have been soaking the flavoured condom in hot water and drinking the damn liquid. What next? The high that lasts for 10 to 12 hours.

As if sniffing sanitizer, glue, paint, whiteners, and nail polish was not enough that flavoured condoms also joined the league of saste nashe. SMH.  

Strangely, a Chemistry teacher woke up and chose to explain the science behind this ungodly practice. Is it just me or are you also questioning if it’s the best time to live on this planet?

Soaking condoms in hot water for a long time breaks down large organic molecules and creates alcohol compounds. This compound is keeping the youth intoxicated.

And Twitter? Twitter is unhinged today. 

Is asking for a pack of condoms at a pharmacy for this purpose still as awkward? Asking for a friend.