Nomoshkar , fellow Indians. I understand that you like making fun of us. T hese days our sense of humour thrives on stereotypes. Heck, every single Indian community has their own pet peeve. But lets be Bhodroloks about this, and leave each other be. As a monkey tupi clad, proud representative of the Bengali community, I hereby appeal to you to stop with the stereotyping.

Because Durga Puja is just around the corner and you don’t want Maa Durga’s wrath to befall you. Seriously, just don’t.

1. ‘Ami je tomar, chhin chhin chhin’ is NOT a rabindrasangeet.

2. ‘Hey hey! You know Rabindrasangeet? Sing Ekla cholo rey!

3. When you say ‘ Per’ instead of ‘ Pedh’ and incessant laughter follows. Ugh.

4. Yes, we have funny sounds as nicknames. Get over it.

5. The eternal dilemma surrounding “A” and “O”. Just because I’m from Poshchim Bongo doesn’t mean I have an Oi-phone.

6. No, not all of us wear monkey caps during winter.


7. Babumoshai! Rosgulla khabe? STFU.

8. We’re not all jhola- carrying panjabi- donning pseudo intellectuals.

9. Yes, we put sugar in everything we cook. Got a problem?

10. We don’t ALWAYS want to eat Maachh-bhaat.

11. We’re not ‘ Angrez’ just because we can’t get our Hindi grammar right. *rolls eyes*

12. We’re not all communists. How else do you explain Mamata Banerjee?

13. Not all of us know how to sing and play the guitar. Or write poetry. Or paint. Or crafts. Or do kaala jaadu (WTF!).

14. We aren’t all chimneys!

15. Bengali parents aren’t overbearing. Not always.

Roshogollas for you if you take heed.