There has been this latest trend where state police forces are not only being active on social media but also being totally badass via their amazing sense of humour. It started with the quirky Twitter handle of Mumbai Police.

b’Source: Twitter’

But looks like Mumbai Police now have a competition. Have you met Bengaluru City Police?

Well, let’s take a quick tour of their Facebook page. 

Looks like a decent meme format used to impart information right? 

Plus, when trolls tried to have the last laugh on their post, the BCP had other plans. 

b’Source: Facebook’

Also, looks like the drug lord himself is also afraid of Bengaluru Police.

And the comments section stays lit as ever.

b’Source: Facebook’

But they’re not memes and games. When they have to, they get down to business.

Here’s a fun activity.

When you zoom in, the image says, “Now go back & click the link on ‘2’.” 

And when you click on the link you get…

b’Source: Instagram’

Not only memes and humour, the page also educates people about their rights in various situations.

But then they don’t really shy away from the witty posts for long.

Now, this is some next level coolness for sure!

When someone got impressed by their Bieber humour and said he is coming to meet them, they responded with wordplay instead.

b’Source: Facebook’

This is just brilliant.

Another treat for Game Of Thrones lovers.

Trust me, they’d know if you are selling drugs!

And so is their sarcasm.

b’Source: Facebook’

I am sure everyone in Bengaluru uses the Skyway after seeing this.

And no one should drink and drive after this one!

Such awesomeness, much wow. Go and like their page if you haven’t already!

In conclusion, we would just like to say…