Kids today think Twitter is the shit. And it is, to some extent. Reddit’s a pretty weird place as well. But it’s YouTube where the real bad shit happens. This is not even hype. Just read some of the comments people leave on random videos, you’ll know what I am talking about. Until then, check this out: 

1. This is peak early 2010 humour. But broooo WTF!

2. This is rare. 

3. Maybe he’ll be in White Chicks 2. 

4. Can you do this on alcohol? No, you can’t. 

5. Legit spit out water reading this!

6. Oh God! I am only kidding. God doesn’t care about dying kids.

7. Watch the last movie, man. There’s a big reveal and all that. 

8. This is just really mean. 

9. Just wrong on so many levels. Also, he’s definitely a virgin. 

10. White dudes keep finding unique ways to die, man. 

11. Liar liar, pants on fire. 

12. Well, where’s the lie? 

13. Bollywood mein ek gaane mein Karan Arjun wapas aa jaate hain LOL!

14. There hasn’t been a YouTube comment to top this. 

15. Yeah, this would have been difficult to explain. 

16. Captain Obvious taking one to the nutsack. 

17. Well well well, if only the real cops turned up that quick. 


Oh, man. There’s a like a million on these. So if you find some you think we could add here, help a brother out.