Do you know why I love memes? one relatable meme can make you share your misery and laugh at it. 

Since 2019 doomed our lives, memes have been our constant support. It’s been 3 years, and we are still thinking, is it worth scrolling so much? 

Perhaps we may not find an answer to that question, but we can surely find more memes. Though 2021 has been shitty, we can still laugh at it with these memes!

1. That’s my liver after a dreadful hangover!

2. Me to my boss, “New year k pehle deadline dena is not funny!”

3. When your colleague tries to give ‘suggestions’ for your articles. 

4.  My hormones when I am on my period.

5. When your relatives catch you taking a smoke break outside your office.  

6. Jitna bhi try karlo Bunny buffet mai pura khana tum nhi kha paogy.

7. India will become a Superpower by 2024 right? Right?

8. When your HR asks you, ‘how comfortable you are coming to the office’? 

9. When your ex cheated on you, but you already saw it coming. 

10. Tell me where this match was played, without telling me where this match was played. 

11. When he comes before you.

12. Meri koie feeling nhi hai? 

13. When I can’t wait to live on my own. When I actually live on my own. 

14. Life without VPN. Life with VPN.

15. My vagina when I see my crush.

16. My besties hyping me up in the comment section.

17. My mom, every time relatives give me money. 

18. When the Swiggy guy tells you he is near your location. 

19. Relax boys, Alia Ranbir ki shadi nhi hue abhit tak. 

Did we miss anything?