Times Now anchor Navika Kumar is a household name. Most Indians watch her present the ‘news’ every evening. So, it’s only natural that every now and then, she says or does things that could be considered embarrassing, even for her most ardent followers.

Here’s a little list of such things: 

1. You guys remember this, don’t you? When she asked actor Saif Ali Khan to get his toddler on TV but to her dismay, the little Khan was a little busy. Tough break!

2. This is of course, the latest video that has been doing rounds on Twitter. On a day that india’s GDP for Q1 of 2020 went down by 23.9%, you would expect news anchors to discuss it. But clearly, ‘Rhea Chakraborty’s lies’ were a priority on this evening. 

3. Drama- it’s what has been missing lately from Indian newsrooms. In this video, you will find Navika Kumar interrupting her esteemed colleague Rahul Shivshankar in the middle of a LIVE segment. Kumar rushes in with some very important documents that would crack the SSR case wide open. 

4. This one might have skipped your memories, on account of being in a pandemic, facing a loss of jobs, inflation, rising petrol prices, etc. But, here, we have two of India’s most famous news anchors (Sorry Arnab) read out the names of 30 Chinese soldiers that had allegedly died in the Galwan valley clash. 

In case, you were wondering, it was from a WhatsApp forward and the names, honestly just sounded a little racist. 

5. Neeraj Chopra (you might have heard of him) had just won India its first athletics gold medal in its Olympic history. That’s over a 100 years of waiting. And what did Navika decide was a totally appropriate and not at all invasive question to ask?

Damn! Even Fox News ain’t got shit on her!