Credible newsroom debates and unbiased talk-shows have become a thing of yesterday. Today is all about being viral for one reason or the other.

Anchors today in their quest to do a tad-bit extra are themselves becoming news. 


They make us laugh, they make us question our teachings and at times they even make us roll on the floor. 

Here are some oops moments from professional journalists and anchors on-screen that totally made our decade worthy. 

1. Chand Nawab – Pakistan’s viral news reporter. 

Everyone’s favourite reporter from Pakistan, courtesy Bajrangi Bhaijaan, was the very inspiration for this list. He sits atop and has been the fan favourite since going viral in 2008.

But fair to say we Indians only learnt about him in this decade.

2. Nazeer Bhatti – a Pakistani reporter slaps away a kid coming in the frame. 

Bhatti’s not-so-amusing way of scrapping aside a boy who stands in his camera’s view went viral in 2017. The journalist, who is covering an event, appears to be very angry with the boy walking in front of the camera casually.

3. Doordarshan anchor Archana Datta reads ‘eleven Jinping’ instead of Xi Jinping. 

This one’s embarrassing but one needs to blame the teleprompter for allowing Xi to be written as eleven, hence the blooper. The unfortunate mistake costed the anchor her prime-time slot. 

Irish Times

4. Pakistani journalist reports live details from his own wedding ceremony. 

Taking things to the next level this Pakistani journalist, named Hanan Bukhari, reported live from his own wedding ceremony. 

Insane if not anything. Too much love for the job.

5. Telugu NTV panelists thrash each other on live TV. 

While panelists bickering on a news debate is always funny, what happens when things go extra bitter? This. 

Stunts, one shouldn’t try at home, school or a news studio. 


6. Zee News PPT in the background words Google as Goggle. 

Cannot get more embarrassing than spelling a prominent tech wrong on live television. That’s exactly what Zee News did with Google. 


7. New anchor almost suffers a heart attack as a banner leans on her from behind. 

While sophistication is the key to present news in the best manner, a few loose strings here and there can be a reason for a heartache. Not for us audience though.


8. News anchor’s visuals in the background are too lit to be taken seriously. 

While it is okay to have creative visuals to help the concept of news look better, this is not what we had imagined. 


9. Shweta Singh explains the significance of nano chip in the new ₹2000 note.

This one broke the internet during demonetization in 2017, as Aaj Tak’s Shweta Singh used her sheer wit and intelligence to explain how the new ₹2000 note comes with a nano chip.

10. Indian kids crash bike on this journalist during live broadcast on Holi. 

Holi is the spirit festival for us Indians. Where we beings roam around drunk (sometimes on bhaang) with multiple colours on our faces. But this journalist found it all the hard way as he was hit by drunk bikers.

11. Waseem Haider of Samaa News reports live as a monkey plays on his head.

While this one’s adorable, it is still crazy to see a journalist report live with a monkey dancing on his head. Things we see in Pakistan. 


12. Reporter intimidated by crowd says ‘bohot mushkil ho rahi hai yahan.’

There are journalists who ask questions without blinking twice and then there is this guy who just kept blinking, saying “bohot mushkil ho rahi hai yahan.”

He was clearly very intimidated with people around him. 


13. Pakistani journalist dancing on the streets with excited locals as it rains in Karachi. 

While rain makes a lot of people happy, the happiness these set of people show along with the reporter in Lahore is just out of the world. 


14. BBC live feed interrupted by reporter’s son. 

This one’s brilliant as a BBC reporter’s live feed is interrupted by his own son. The man sheepishly tries to push him away from the frame but fails miserably.  

15. Pakistani anchors quarrel with each other on live TV.

Indians anchors: we argue with our panelists all the time. 

Pakistani anchors: hold our beer. 
*starts arguing with each other*


16. BBC Man’s reporting photo-bombed by cute doggo riding pillion. 

A BBC journalist filming in India inside an auto was photo-bombed hilariously by a doggo riding pillion. 

Hindustan Times

17. Journalist uses man as his personal tripod to report floods in India.

The quest to get extra bit of news costed this journalist dearly. Though he initially climbed a man’s back to report on floods, soon that image went viral on social media and not in the right shade. He was fired in 2013.

18. ‘Tauba Tauba’, Pakistani journalist’s rant on tomatoes. 

This journalist’s rant about India stopping the export of tomatoes to Pakistan went viral in February 2019. 

Comparing a tomato to an atom bomb, the man made headlines for all the funny reasons. 

That’s all folks!