Anything is possible if you have Photoshop. You don't believe it, do you? 

Well to prove you wrong, here are 15 ‘more’ unbelievable examples:

1. I see only one person here.

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2. Dimag ke ghode daudana hota hai bhai!

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3. Chhi-Guevara

Source: quora

4. Let that sink in!

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5. Dracula, kisne chhod diya khula?

Source: imgur

6. She is talking about photoshop.

Source: brilio

7. I want to become the Eiffel Tower.

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8. The real Hero.

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9. Haters will say it's photoshopped.

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10. I have so many questions!

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11. From the movie 'Bites'.

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12. Bestfriend goals.

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13. Selfie maine le li aaj!

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14. Waiting for my friends during lockdown.

Source: fun-aur-fun

15. Spider-Man, is that you?

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