2018 is coming to a close, and we’ve seen a tonne of great stand up comedians split our sides and pop our veins. Here’s some of the best shows.

1. Rahul Subramanian – Kal Main Udega

Rahul isn’t just great at delivering intense monologues as the camera zooms in, he’s also pretty darn funny. His stand-up special is relatable, organic and totally your money’s worth (even if you’re mooching off your friend’s Amazon Prime).

2. Chris Rock – Tamborine

This was comedy legend Chris Rock’s first stand-up special in ten years, and the man didn’t hold back. He touches on current events, politics, racism, and the several issues in his own personal life with signature ease and hilarity.

3. Vir Das – Losing It

Vir Das has been around for a while, but he hasn’t seemed to have lost his spark. On the contrary, he’s funnier, better informed and definitely has more stories than ever before.

4. Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity

It’s Seth Rogen, which means there’s going to be some juvenile humour. Love it or hate it, you’re definitely going to crack a laugh at this special dedicated to Alzheimer’s care that features a carousel of top comics.

5. Iliza Shlesinger – Elder Millennial

Iliza does dating and relationship jokes better than anyone in the game. The setup may be tried and tested, but it’s also downright hilarious.

6. Hannah Gadsby – Nanette

The most moving, hard-hitting special on this list, Nanette isn’t just a comedy piece, it’s an educational experience. Hannah Gadsby goes on a deep dive into her most traumatic moments, and we’ve all got front row seats.

7. Daniel Sloss – Live Shows

Sloss’ stand-up special apparently led to the end of 4500 relationships. That’s because he’s an incisive comic who just wants to watch the world burn. We don’t want to ruin the surprise for you though, so just go watch it.

8. James Acaster – Repertoire

James Acaster is truly the king of alternative comedy at the moment. He’s eccentric, he doesn’t have exact punchlines, and he’s idiosyncratic to the point of madness – you’ll love it.

9. John Mulaney – Kid Gorgeous at Radio City

At the base of it all, John Mulaney is a witty, irreverent storyteller. He doesn’t rely on regular joke styles, instead regaling the audience with stories from his youth that take on increasingly hilarious characters, themes and endings.

10. Ali Wong – Hard Knock Wife

No, Ali Wong hasn’t been eternally pregnant, she’s just been on the cusp of giving birth every time she’s done a special. Wong’s comedy is a no holds barred, raunchy look at motherhood and its concurrent madness.

11. Trevor Noah – Son of Patricia

You can’t not love Trevor Noah. The Daily Show host’s new special isn’t all about current events however, as he gives a more personal insight into his life, his mother and tacos.

12. Ricky Gervais – Humanity

Ricky is savage. You absolutely do no want to be a heckler at his gig. Luckily for us, he uses his powers for the forces of good and not evil, by making us laugh. This stinging take on society will have you in splits.

13. Greg Davies – You Magnificent Beast

You just can’t go wrong with this gentle (if slightly klutzy) giant. He’s got an affable quality to his humour, which means he could tell you you smell like burnt piss and you’d somehow laugh with everyone else. Either way, watch the show.

14. Nishant Tanwar – Dilli Se Hoon B*@#^*@~D

Nishant does a deep dive into Delhi culture and all its quirks. There’s social commentary, abundant stereotyping, and an essential feeling of Delhi-ness that really captures its soul.

15. Anirban Dasgupta – Take It Easy

Anirban has a pretty interesting perspective – basically, you can’t draw lines in comedy, which is especially difficult in the era of social media. He talks about the love and hate of the general masses, and how everyone really just needs to take it easy.

16. Sorabh Pant – Make India Great Again

Sorabh’s biting social commentary never loses flavour. He doesn’t hold back in this special either, touching on Aadhar, trolls, and of course – politics.

Let’s put a smile on that face!