Well, as far as a romantically challenged guy like me is concerned, I’ve bribed people to be my wingman at every rooftop soirées, school reunions, and even my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary. Loser, much?

Singlehood is not a phase, it’s an emotion, an emotion that sometimes *cough* boil our anger looking at two mere mortals going all Jack and Rose in a park. You feel me now? I mean, during every Valentine’s Week, it kills to be all alone, covered in a quilt, munching butter popcorn and watching Kung Fu Panda all alone. Truth be told my fellow lovelorn singles, even PO has more action in his life than you could ever imagine. *drops a few tears*

Unlike other Valentine’s Day, I chanced upon a wingman that surely has given my confidence a major boost – Durex India is helping all singles out there to amp up their online dating game. They have some interesting and witty icebreakers which can help people to initiate the conversation. You never know where these icebreakers might lead you two and #MakeAConnection.

They posted a poll on Instagram asking people whether they’d like a quirky question or a boring ‘hey’ as a pickup line.

The post went viral and people started engaging by sharing their own quirky and witty icebreakers.

Even Mallika Dua and Appurv Gupta couldn’t help themselves but share their pickup lines.

I mean, most people say they hate pick-up lines, but privately they dig them. Think about it, who wouldn’t want someone who walks in with confidence, sweeps you off your feet, and uses a mean pick-up line. If you too, just like me, want to ensure to make someone laugh with your pickup line and not at you, then make sure you take a leaf outta Durex India’s notebook. 

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