Family friction is normal, and during the last few months, with everyone cooped up together due to lockdown, things have definitely been getting a little heated. However, a recent incident that’s been reported in the news makes me feel like we’re living in an article from The Onion.

A 24-year-old woman filed a case in a Bhopal Family Court alleging that her father cheated in a game of ludo, hurting her feelings.

According to her, the father broke her trust by cheating, and he should have lost to her in order to make her happy.

While I would assume that most courts would have dismissed something like this, the Bhopal Family Court arranged 4 counselling sessions for her. They claim she is now happy. 

People online were equally confused.

There are way too many questions floating around though – Is this really happening? Why did ANI report this? Has the world gone mental? Unfortunately, there will be no satisfactory answers today. Just accept this as yet another insane part of 2020 and move on.