Bigg Boss is one of the most watched reality TV shows in the country. Every year before the show starts, there are many rumoured lists of contestants that come out. Some claim to be the final lists , some claim to be the final ‘final’ list . And this year just like every time, countless ones have surfaced. But then it hit us. No matter what happens the basic plot of the show won’t change, because every year there are certain scenarios that always take place and certain type of contestants who always enter the house.

So, we tried a mathematical approach in an attempt to breakdown what actually exists within the Bigg Boss household and came up with some interesting formulas that are true to every season of the show. Have a look:

And the story unravels again in two days. Get ready for Bigg Boss 9, the drama, the fights, the crying, the love, the bitching and of course Salman bhai. They are all back!