“Extra marks for good handwriting.”

We all remember this phrase, don’t we? Even though it probably never happened with most of us, some students actually used to get additional marks for different reasons. However, one student broke all records and scored 151 marks out of 100 marks in their exam.

No, we are not kidding!


Anmol Kumar, a BA Honours undergraduate student at Lalit Narayan Mithila University (LNMU), scored 151% on his Political Science exam.

I was really surprised to see the results. Although it was a provisional mark sheet, authorities should have checked it before releasing the result. 

-Anmol Kumar to PTI


Apart from that, he’s not the only one who received a glaring discrepancy in his result. A B.Com student bagged zero marks on his Accounting and Finance exam and still got promoted to the next semester. 

The university admitted that it was a typing error and they issued me a revised mark sheet.

Mushtaq Ahmed, the registrar of the university, said:

After correcting the typographical errors, the two students were issued fresh mark sheets. Those were simply typographical errors, nothing else.

The incident took place in the Darbhanga district of Bihar.

Here’s what netizens think of the blunder:

Why didn’t such errors happened with us?