As the years pass by, we tend to appreciate the true meaning of friendship in a more holistic way. After all, human bonds form through combined experiences, though most of us probably can’t understand what it feels like to be best-friend-billionaire-buddies.

Bill Gates, however, can. He just posted a video for Warren Buffett’s 90th birthday, baking a cake with his face on it while You’ve Got A Friend In Me plays in the background, and it’s totally billionaire BFF goals.

It’s a beast of a cake, with dark chocolate, an Oreo lining, and Warren’s face masterfully crafted onto the top. Bill also stated that Warren is one of the people who he admires as well as likes, and he taught him what friendship is all about.

Unfortunately, Bill turned off replies on the Twitter post, so we’ll never know all the potentially epic reactions there could have been to the video. But judging by the almost 100k likes, it appears many people like watching rich folks make enormous cakes for each other!

Whatever your thoughts on the matter, you hae to admit the whole thing’s pretty cute.