Ours is a totally filmy nation. We live and breathe movies. And why not? After all, we have a long tradition of story telling. So much so, that even our movie posters tell a story of their own. And just to drive home our point, we decided to weave together a few posters just for you.

Mind you, some of these posters actually have a more interesting storyline than most Bollywood movies. Don’t believe us? Well, see for yourself.

1. Arrey ismein sharmana kaisa?

2. “Tumhare paas kya hai?”

3. And that kids, is how I left your mother.

4. So this is why SRK and Salman had a fallout.

5. Now this is what you call a complete film.

6. Looks more like a deck of cards.

7. Monsoon hai. Chhata saath le kar chalna. 

8. Choti choti khushiyaan!

9. Proof that crime never pays.

10. And that’s how 99% of the love stories end.

Indeed, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.