YES, we bongs can’t live without eating maachh, watching football and hugging kol balish at night. But with the approaching sheetkaal, we also can’t do without a ‘maanky tupi’. No kidding. 

bengalis and monkey cap

As soon as winter arrives, Bangaali moms stay ready to shield their hasband and baacchas with the tried and tested armour – monkey cap. And mind ya fashionistas, it isn’t just a cap, its the official ‘headgear for thaandar season‘. 

bengalis and monkey cap

And according to the book of bangaali theories, saying “kee sheet baba” a million times while frantically rubbing your palms can keep you warm during the winters. TBH, it works like magic. 

bengalis and monkey cap

Not only does the quintessential maanky tupi only protect your head, neck and ears from the cold, cold weather, it also acts as a USP for bangaali kids at melas as they’re easy to spot with such quirky outfits. 

bengalis and monkey caps

Now along with many other benefits, this chomotkari tupi can also do this: 

And this… 

Now, go wear it already naahole maa raag korbe.