Well, what’s worst than hibernating alone in times of a lockdown, you ask? It’s being stranded in your house with your significant other for 24* 21 days. And if you somehow manage to coexist peacefully without ripping each other’s heads apart, trust me, you will end up doing something stupidly funny like cutting each other’s hair to combat the isolation boredom. 

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Anyone else at this moment?

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You don’t trust me? I have proof. Boyfriends from across the globe take to Twitter to share the disastrous haircuts their girlfriends have given them amidst the lockdown. 

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 Daniel trusted his partner Sophie to give his the experimental haircut of his dreams, a slight faded fade ( shorter at the bottom, longer at the top) . Sophie, however, ended up shaving majority of Daniel’s hair. And now, he looks like this:  

Another overly trusting BF Jake showed a picture of the haircut he wanted to his girlfriend and hoped that his hair was short at the back and sides and longer on the top. But his girlfriend got confused and ended up shaving a katori circle at the bottom.

Another victim of boredom, Matt a 20-year-old ended up with patchy uneven hair after his girlfriend decided to give him a ‘new look’.  


Josh very strategically tried to explain the bowl method to hid love interest but the results of his haircut has literally had hi bald from below.

The Sun

Twitterati from across the globe are either sharing pictures of their haircuts or giving their opinions on how stupid this couple’s activity is: 

Well, at least they have a couple of weeks to grow back their hair before they get a chance to step out.