There is nothing on God’s green earth as repulsive as an ex. They’re so annoying, you wonder how you tolerated them on the first place. Same is the case with Indian TV serials. With their boring content and over the top presentation, they’re as infuriating as it gets. Here are 15 things about these serials which probably repulse you like your terrible ex :

1. You can’t tolerate their love for dramatic entries.

2. Their penchant for melodrama is absolutely sickening.

3. Their ability to turn on the waterworks at a moment’s notice is irritating.

4. Both have a habit of repeating their words several times which makes you want to go deaf.

5. While watching a serial or listening to your ex talk, you get the feeling that even a 5-year-old would make more logical arguments.

6. The colours in the wardrobe of your ex and those of the actors in the serials induce a riot in your brains.

Times of India

7. Just like the TV serials which air 5 times a week and give you no time to breathe, your ex gives you no space.

He/she wants to know what you’re up to and wants you to know what they’re up to. All the time.

8. The terrible background music which plays in the TV serials is as bad as the music that plays in your ex’s car.


9. With nothing substantial happening in an episode (or a few), watching these serials feels like a waste of time.

Much like the time wasted on that bad relationship.

Times of India

10. The jokes of your ex and the plot of the serials stink of unethical copying which makes you want to say…

11. The hopeless romanticism portrayed in the serials is as far from reality as your ex lives.

12. You tried to end it with your ex. It still lasted excruciatingly long like the serials which run for over a 1000 episodes.

Because every time you brought it up, your ex would burst into tears. And you were chicken enough to accept him/her back.

13. Your ex’s attempts at a ‘heartfelt apology’ are as bad as the TV serials actors who have the same expressions on their face in every-frickin’-scene.

14. Subtlety is not something that your ex swears by. Or Indian TV serials, for that matter.

15. There is no depth in these serials apart from the one lent by bad VFX. And your ex is as shallow as it gets.

You have moved on from the terrible ex. It’s time to move on from the bad TV serials too. Move on from the monotony of scripts, from illogical plots and bad acting to something refreshing and funny.

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