You’ve heard of Snakes on a Plane; now, prepare yourself for something even scarier. Something so terrifying, it’ll make your heart explode… explode with cuteness!  

Meet Coco, the bowtie-sporting emotional support bunny who just travelled first-class on a 11 hour flight from San Francisco to Japan. Just look at that little tie


Her owner, Takako Ogawa is the CEO of analytics startup Panalyt Japan, and paid $100 to get support status for Coco so she wouldn’t have to travel in the hold.

Coco was then allowed to come into the cabin in a carry case without the need to buy an extra seat. As the seat next to Takako was unoccupied, Coco was allowed to go free on the other seat. 


Considering the rabbit’s age, Takako didn’t want to put her in the cargo area due to stress.

What happens in the cargo is that there are a lot of anxious animals on the plane with her. Dogs will be barking all the time. My friend had a cat that was put in the cargo that got so nervous during the flight that she couldn’t eat for another week after landing. That kind of pressure might have been bad for Coco because she is older now.

But Coco had a grand old time. She got a bunch of love from the crew, a whole lot of nuts to get her tiny chompers on, and more luxury than most of us ever get to experience. Silly wabbit! 

*Mmm, nuts?!*

*I smells*


*I monch*


And that’s the end of the most wholesome post you’ll see all day!