We can all, and by all, I mean all women can relate to the struggle attached to bras (pun intended). The underwire that jabs us straight in the heart especially when we are expecting it not to, that strapless that will almost never stay in place and that strap which will ever so often just pop. Oh, the joy of removing it.

These jokes about bras will definitely make every woman LOL!

Because who wants to wear a bra every day? 

That feeling is better than wine. 

That moment when you can finally breathe. 

When we doze off with our bra on. 

Haha. Something we have all felt at some point. 


When you realise your bra is bothering you, nothing else. 

Don’t we all? 

This one happens very often. 

When your favourite bra betrays you. 

That time when your underwire leaves you bruised. 

One of our many talents, ladies and gentlemen. 

MOST addictive.

Me too. 

Slim to 0 chance, I have to say.

How, again? 

The exact same feeling. 

Priorities, my friend.

Because we feel like that every morning.

That feeling everyday tho. 

That priceless feeling 

I feel you sistah. 

TBH, we all want to eat fruit braless, in peace. 

Because we have all done that at some point.

There really isn’t.

Also true. 

I’m with you on that one. 

Thanks, Doc.


Me too. 

Just the usual Wednesday Evening. 

One of the most difficult. 

Me too. 


A few “bra-verbs” we can all relate to a little too much.