This is it, guys. Capitalism has peaked! Who would have thought you could sell clothes in the name of nostalgia borne out of British colonial rule in India? 

Well, British India Asia did. If that name seems abhorent to you, wait till you see why they chose the name. 

To quote them and I swear, this isn’t one of those dumb satire article I make you click on, 

Presenting British India: An Era of Racism, Oppression, Injustice and Nice Outfits

Oh my f**king God! Someone on Twitter called it out and it has been going viral since. All I want to know is what kind of moron thought this was a good way to sell clothes? 

There are people who probably got paid a f**kload of money and wrote that and before that there were some other people who thought this was a good idea and poured millions into it as an investment.