As a person who has experienced various pleasures life has to provide (*wink wink*), I can vouch that very few things compare to the pleasure of buying cheap clothes that look expensive.

You know exactly what I mean if the word ‘Sarojini’ strikes you as a market, before it does as a human’s name.

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With a little bit of patience, and an eye for detail, you can strike gold at these flea markets and that satisfaction is just unmatchable. 


Oh, I forgot to add bargaining skills. 

That walk of pride before the shopkeepers yells ‘achcha le jaao 150 mein‘. You gotta master that. You gotta argue for the right amount of time and then give an impression that you are giving up at the moment the shopkeeper is the most vulnerable.

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I, for one, have sharpened my skills over the years and the result is my overflowing cupboard (which is now becoming an issue TBH).

It’s hard to stop, though. 


Because you know what’s better than good-quality stylish clothes? Those clothes at a really low price. 

Well yes, one can argue about the quality bit but if you take proper care of these inexpensive clothes, they last long enough to be way more worth the money.

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I recently bought an expensive-looking sweater for ₹ 100 and you know what? I wear it for at least 3 days every week.

It’s warm, it’s pretty and did I mention it looks expensive?

At this point, I think people are beginning to suspect that something is wrong but who cares? 


Another great thing about inexpensive clothes is that you don’t worry much about staining or losing them.

It’s for ₹ 100. Of course it hurts a little but theek hai chalta hai.

Now imagine dropping ketchup on ₹5k jacket? What if it’s white on top of being expensive? Crazy panic, right?

Cheap clothes are good for your mental health.

So all in all, I don’t see any reason why one wouldn’t want to buy clothes from flea markets. It’s single biggest ‘cheap thrill’ out there.