Rio De-Janiero based drug-trafficker named Clauvino da Silva tried to break out of the city’s most notorious Gericinó prison. While this news is already weird enough, the way he tried to achieve this feat is even weirder. 

Silva, who is also called ‘Shorty’, tried to dress like his 19-year-old daughter, in the hope that he could fool guards and sneak off without being noticed. 

AP News

His disguise included a silicone mask, a black bra and wig, and a skin-tight T-shirt with three pink donuts on it. Prison guards at the exit said Silva’s nervousness in his disguise is what gave away his secret. The guards made him strip in front of a camera, and the video of his reveal has gone viral across the world. 

In his haste to leave the prison, he even left his own daughter inside the prison, who was visiting her father. Police are looking into her possible role as an accomplice in Silva’s failed escape attempt from the prison.

People on Twitter have reacted to this botched attempt to escape. 

Silva is currently serving a 73-year sentence for his involvement in the Red Command drug faction. He is unlikely to face extra jail time since his unsuccessful bid for freedom did not involved any violence.