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Breakups, hands down, are one of the toughest things EVER! I mean, I can stay with a broken heart but unwashed dishes can instantly throw me in a glass case of emotions, bad ones. Till date, my worst nightmare has been the one where my maid didn’t show up for a week (my hands are shaking as I type this). And I am sure, for many of us, this nightmare is a full-blown reality. That’s when you take the toughest step – breaking up with your maid. *cue dramatic music*

This hilarious video by Girliyapa for Cif Kitchen Cleaners perfectly sums up our dependence on maids and how a shift in their behavior makes our lives tougher. Didi, who is sick of her maid’s tardy approach towards work decides to break up with her bai and is determined to rather clean up the house with Cif. Will she be able to actually end things for good? Here’s the video for you to find out:


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