Meet Susan from Canada who called off her wedding just 4 days before the big day, for a reason that is both hilarious and sad.  

A wedding guest shared on Twitter screenshots of a Facebook status that explained why Susan made such a drastic decision. 

It was because none of her wedding guests agreed to pay her $1,500 (Rs 1,06,000) like she had asked in her invites. 

In a really long rant on Facebook, Susan calls out all her friends who couldn’t respect her ‘simple wish’ for cash gifts only. She and her (now-ex) fiance had saved up $15k for their wedding, but after a psychic reading they decided to increase their budget to $60k. They sought out the help of their friends to fund their wedding, asking for a cheque of $1,500 along with their RSVP. 

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When only 8 people RSVP’d with the money, Susan turned from bride to bride-zilla, blaming her friends and family for not helping her have her dream wedding. She also went on to publicly announce that she will cut off everyone who didn’t help her from her life. 

The Twitter-user wedding-guest also shared screenshots from Susan’s cousin to give more of a background to the story. 

It is unbelievable to think that 8 guests even RSVP’d to this crazy demand, and that some friends and family payed way more than what was expected. 

*distant cries of Indians and their Rs 1100 shagun lifafas.*