The three things you can never run out of at Indian weddings: unlimited food, aunties like Sima Taparia and DRAMA! If you have been to a desi wedding, you know how it’s never a complete wedding if there’s no hint of drama.


Even when these weddings are taking place under the shadow of the pandemic, there’s no shortage of weirdness. 

From ribbon-cutting ceremony to joota chupai tradition, it’s a known fact that the Jija-Saali relationship is full of cute bantering and hilarious pranks. However, there’s a viral clip where the two went a little overboard.

Okay okay, not a little. A LOT.

In the side-splitting video, which is going viral all over social media, the bride’s sister kissed the groom on their wedding stage!


The video showcased the bride and groom on the stage, while the guests were clicking pictures with them. Leaving everyone in attendance shocked, the bride’s sister kissed the groom.


An Instagram user with the handle official_niranjanm87 shared the shocking yet hysterical clip on his account. Here’s the clip:

Meanwhile, the bride be like: