Bhai-behen ka rishta!

When we are talking about families, the love-hate relationship of brothers and sisters is one of a kind. From out-of-the-way pranks to unnecessary hate (and love), there is a sense of admiration only a brother-sister duo can comprehend. 

The bond never fades and is much more stronger than a brother-brother or a sister-sister bond. Your sister fought with you every time you put some cricket match on TV & your brother just randomly made you smell his armpits, scarring you for life!

But amidst all the silly fights and arguments, there’s a unique kind of love. Standing up for each other, supporting each other at every step and no matter where life takes you, never, ever losing touch. The bond of a brother-sister can’t be explained in words. You can only feel it! 

But what it’s like on an everyday basis? These 20 tweets pretty much sum it up!