Breakups can be tough on both parties involved. Sometimes after it happens, the world feels like shit and as has been seen in many cases, some people even go as deep down as getting depressed. 

So next time you break up with someone, be nice about it. I mean, there is no nice way to say that the other person just sucks, but you gotta stop being a dick about it. We understand your trepidation and hence found a rulebook about what not to say.

1. Well, it’s kinda nice. But it sounds more like ‘Soya is great but I like chicken!’

2.  More like, you are full of shit!

3. Whatever helps you sleep at night, bruh!

4. Yeah, you are a total pain in the ass.

5. If you can’t get along with Joey, there’s something wrong with you.

6. Good luck with your future endeavours!

7.  Truest words I have ever said to you during the course of this relationship.

8. Ouch!

9. Even made an effort to rhyme this shit!

10. Why does your mom even live with us? We aren’t even married.

11. We have had a good run. Why ruin those memories by fighting over something that clearly doesn’t exist anymore.

12. Do you realise that there’s more to my life than just your high school musical drama bullshit?

13. Like Thanos, himself said, “Dread it, run from it; destiny still arrives”. 

14. I love you but you are kind of a pain in my ass.

15. Jaa Simran, ji le apni zindagi. 

16. It’s complicated. 

Please, do not use any of these. Or maybe do. It’s not like we are in a relationship.