We are an eclectic bunch; we are randomness personified. And it’s a great thing because the Earth wouldn’t be a fun place if all of us were the carbon copies of a single human being. Where would the chaos be then? In the years you have been on this planet so far, you might have come across all sorts of weird human beings: that annoying nerd who knew the answer to every question that was ever asked, the rebel who always sat on the last bench and didn’t bother about exams, the narcissist whose head is so big that he has trouble keeping it attached to his pencil-thin neck, the super-chirpy and optimistic colleague who is a pain to be around with on a Monday morning, and many more.

There are all sorts of trivia on the different types of personality traits over the internet which are always fun to read. There are many that make you go,”Oh, this is exactly I am like!” In this post, we thought to do something like this but differently; rather than giving it to you the candy-coated version, we are going to serve you these traits in the most honest and brutal way. So, brace yourself. 

Design Credits: Vineet Kumar