There have been a number of dumb criminals in our country who absolutely sucked at crimes and made a fool out of themselves. 

When it comes to food, all other things can wait. At least that’s what this thief believed in. In a hilariously bizarre incident, the police arrested a hungry thief who trespassed into a house to steal valuable items but started preparing khichdi for himself in the kitchen in the middle of the theft attempt!

Holy Cow Vegan

According to Guwahati Police, as the burglar prepared dinner for him, the locals were instantly alerted and they informed the police. Later, the thief was caught red-handed and was arrested.

The incident, which took place in Guwahati’s Hengerabari area, came to light when the police confirmed the arrest through a humorous post on their official account.

Needless to say, netizens couldn’t resist and immediately started a meme fest on social media. Here are the best tweets:

Well, the burglar had his priorities set!