After the recent #BeefBan, we wonder how far our beloved right wing authorities can go to ban everything that offends them. Here are 9 food items whose lives are at steak (see what we did there?), and could soon be banned, per the Maharashtra government’s sound logic.

Ban away!

1. Kesar – Because it hurts Saffron sentiments!

2. Lotus stem – Kamal should only be on Kamal ka button.

3. Lady Finger – How can a lady raise a finger? Just how?

4. Orange – Orange is the new black, bitchesss! #AbKiBaar

5. Mango – How can you tell a man to go? And it’s just so Aam. #RivalParty

6. Tinda – Because it sounds like Tinder. #WesternCulture

7. Mooli – ‘Moo’ is the sound made by cows. It hurts cows’ sentiments. #WeLoveCows

8. Eggplant – Eggs and plants together are ‘unnatural’! #377

9. Green peas – Because, GreenPeace?

This is all in good humour. No beef, Maharashtra government.

Feature image by Bernadette Baum