I am 28 years old. In two years, I’ll be 30. I still struggle with filing my taxes, can’t cook anything more complex than Maggi, often forget to separate whites from colours when doing my laundry, and am yet to learn what drinking responsibly entails. 

And yet, I am supposed to be an adult who can not only look after her own well being but, should also be able to offer guidance to young adults. How? 

How do I do that when I still feel like an overgrown teenager, who has the backpains of an 80-year-old and the maturity level of an 18-year-old?

More importantly, who decided that 20s is the right age bracket to transition into an adult? How old were the people who decided that 20s was the right adulting age? I want answers. 

Because let me tell you, trying to adult in 20s is like Trump pronouncing Sachin as Soochin. You understand what is implied, but you are not doing it correctly. You are, in fact, not even close to doing it correctly in any way or form. 

We’re barely out of college when our 20s begin. By the time graduation, post-graduation, and internships end, we’re somehow approaching our mid-20s. It’s almost like the early twenties are the February of a year, passing in the blink of an eye. 

And yet by the time you hit 25, you are somehow expected to be ready to take on the ‘big decisions’ of life. 

Me, who can’t count to lakhs without commas, is expected to ‘settle down’ with a partner, figure out a career, and also be up to date with current affairs. Insaan hu, Android thodi, ki har minute mein update ho jaun! 

To add insult to the injury, there are some people who are managing adult lives with aplomb or at least, pretending to on Instagram. 

Unlike school and college, adulting definitely does not happen at the same pace for everyone. Because things like career, promotions, marriage, children, are not bound by a set curriculum. 

And thus, while we all graduate at the same age, there are some who put up honeymoon, start-up launch party, or company off-site photos on Facebook, and there are others (read me) who stalk those same photos. 

But, if my regular Friday night wine & whine sessions are anything to go by, I know that the ‘successfully adulting in 20’s’ is a minority group. For the majority of us, the only adulting habit has been to stock up on Party Smart. So what if we still can’t stock up on the right groceries?

All said and done, I am not here to rant. At least not just rant. I am here to propose that we come together and officially shift the adulting age to 30s. 

Your 20s can be our trial phase. Hopefully, this way, by the time we reach our 30s. our bank balance will actually have a balance, we’d be able to keep our medical bills intact for reimbursements, and someone, somewhere, would know what Form-16 stands for. 

Here’s to adulting in our 30s!