If you’re a Cancerian, you’ll probably cry about how much you relate to these. And if you don’t, you’re certainly plotting revenge against me right now.

1. When Cancerians need to offload.

2. Cancerians be like get disappointed > cry > repeat.

3. Because social events are a Cancerian’s worst nightmare.

4. Can’t contain all these feels.

5. Vengeance, thy name is Cancerian.

6. What keeps a Cancerian up at night? Everything.

7. Give a Cancerian an ear and they will rant.

8. There’s no such thing as a subtle reaction.

9. That moment of regret for Cancerians.

10. Cancerians be like, “I need more ‘me’ time”.

11. Cancerians be like, “Give me a bit. Let me judge you thoroughly first”.

12. Cancerians love real hard!

13. And then the can of worms was opened.

14. Cancerians’ go-to way of dealing with problems: ignore it till it blows up in your face.

15. Lifehack: Never mess with a Cancerian.

16. Out of 10 party invitations, Cancerians will go to 1.

17. Anything can ruin a Cancerian’s life.

18. When should you give a Cancerian too much attention? Never.

19. Because Cancerians are fiercely protective of their loved ones.

20. Things that hold a Cancerian back.


Design credits: Kumar Sonu