Smartphones have made our life simpler. Everything under the sun is available to us at a touch. It, therefore, comes as no surprise, that for some of us, smartphones are more than just phones, they are our lives (or rather the center of it).

If you are one of those people for whom, everything begins and ends with your smartphone, here are 17 points that you will totally relate to.

1. Your definition of a ‘Good Morning’ is when you wake up to your phone.

You spent 8 hours without it, so it is obvious that checking your phone the moment you wake up is the first thing to do.

2. You fear losing your phone more than your wallet because your wallet only has money and credit cards which can be replaced, but your phone has your life which is irreplaceable.

Phone > Everything else

3. You feel lost, disconnected and very alone when you leave your house without your phone.

An entire day without your phone seems impossible.

4. The only thing you trust, is your phone. Nothing and no one else.

Answers to all questions are provided by searching on your smartphone .

5. The definition of a good table is the one which is the closest to the plug point

Just in case your beloved phone runs out of juice.

6. A shattered screen hurts more than a shattered heart

When your phone hurts, you hurt.

7. You rely on your phone for everything. It is the only reason why you never forget anyone’s birthday.

Who needs memory plus capsules when you got a smartphone eh?

8. You never feel lost, even in a new place, because you know your phone will give you directions to wherever you want to go

Google maps, Yay!

9. You don’t feel the need to use any other gadget because you think your phone is so self-sufficient.

Days go by before you use your laptop

10. There is just one thing on your survival kit. No prizes for guessing!

It is your everything after all.

11. You never find yourself in an ‘awkward’ situation because you always have your loyal companion by your side

Your phone.

12. You have replaced ‘dear diary’ with Evernote

You can write, draw, record, take pictures. Why would you need a diary.

13. Your comfort zone lies wherever your phone is.

Home is where the phone is.

14. You enjoy the comfort of safety when your smartphone is by your side

Smartphone = Knight in shining armor

15. You get random panic attacks and search your pockets to ensure your phone is safe.

Shit where is my phone! oh, thank god

16. A ‘Lost Phone’ is your worst nightmare

It is so horrible that just the thought of it brings you to tears.

17. You have often wondered how your phone would have been a better boyfriend/girlfriend.

We have proof.

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