Hey Capricorn. Please laugh at these. We know you can’t emote but try. Please. Okay?

1. Capricorns are a little too guarded for their own good.

2. They know a little too much. Scarily so.

3. Capricorn = Flawless.

4. They’re a little too possessive about their friends.

5. Capricorns be like, “Umm… Actually.”

6. They all have a cray side and only a lucky few get to unlock it.

7. What’s a Capricorn really thinking? I guess we’ll never know.

8. On them being totally oblivious to flirty hints.

9. On their fierce loyalty.

10. Only a Capricorn gets to decide when you can call them ‘friend’.

11. Do not mess with a Capricorn’s best friend.

12. They need their stuff. ALL their stuff.

13. Because they’re the silent treatment champions.

14. Nope. They cannot dare to be vulnerable.

15. Workaholic and proud!

16. Capricorns make lousy agony aunts.

17. JOMO forever.

18. Confrontation is the Capricorn’s worst enemy.


Enough memes. Back to work now.