Aunties are a rare breed of humans who have heightened senses which can sniff any unsanskari activity you do and find creative ways to inform your parents about it. 

They’re all around us but can you imagine how it would be if Disney villains acted like our desi aunties?

Well, cartoonist Simmi has the answer. On her Instagram handle paper.samosa, she gives interesting twist to her drawings and the results are funny as hell. 

1. Kutte ke bacche.

2. Sindoorella, please up your game. Nothing will change at 12 AM here. 

3. No Yani and Laurel debate here.

4. A(for)riel don’t trust you, aunty. 

She also makes mythology-themed drawings to express her love for her mother and other things, like ice cream.

5. Thanks for bearing with all ten kinds of asshole that I am.

6. And for being the Sita to my Hanuman.

7. I love you more than ten hands can express. 

8. They all screamed ice cream, but you never cared to listen.

Pop culture references and funny puns? A big check, there too. 

9. Yo mamma got nothing on mine.

10. If you were my boyfriend, I’d never let you go.

11. Rahuls come and go, unibrow stays.

12. Ladkas in the hood.

13. Why should Sunita have all the fun?

14. Yeah they wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’…to sleep.

15. Vada Star Wars reference.

16. I am still standing for you.

Elton loves himself some South Indian food. 😋

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17. Will you tell me, tum theek ho?

18. I was maja ma when you looked at me.

19. Lag ja gale, ki phir ye haseen pedh ho na ho.

20. Mera laung gawacha.

These paper samosas are delicious.

You can catch more of Simmi’s awesomeness here.