For the CBSE students around India, the day of terror arrived in the name of Board Results. As inconsequential as those numbers may look to us right now, the truth is they mattered as hell at the time. The math exam nightmares were real, and, for some of us, they’re a perpetual dream that forever lurks in the scarred chapter of our memory calendars.

Reportedly, the pass percentage this year is 87.98% and CBSE has made a conscious decision to avoid releasing a merit list to prevent unhealthy competition among students.

Disillusioned from real life, to us, those marks foreshadowed what our life was gonna be, at least that’s how we perceived it. That’s how our parents perceived it. That’s how students still perceive it. The link of Board percentage to whether or not your life will be ‘set’ may be inaccurate, but one thing’s on point – the memes. Here’s how ‘X’ welcomed CBSE Board results this year – 

If you’re a student who isn’t having the very best day because of the result, know that those numbers really don’t matter in the grander scheme of life. A few years from now, you may be in a completely different space career-wise, not because of these numbers but because of your decisions. It’s a similar story for many of us.