Thanks to the Conjuring franchise and the film industry’s weird obsession with spooky dolls, the sheer thought of one coming to life sends shivers down our spine. 

And to add fuel to that fire, eerie CCTV footage has now emerged which shows a seemingly possessed doll, Annie, pushing another doll – all because she was jealous. This sentence is enough to haunt my nightmares. 

The video clip shared by a Paranormal investigator unfolds an inanimate Annie, who is said to be the most possessed doll in the world, coming to life and pushing another haunted doll, Emily Rose, out of spite. Matt can be seen organising and shifting places of things in the room when Emily Rose came flying off of her stand and crash-landed on the table, shattering a glass container that had a really flat base. 

Watch the video here:

Time to throw all my dolls out.