What does a second-year college student crave? Apart from offline lectures and online exams, an internship that pays. Because honestly, it’s only fair to be remunerated for toiling all day, and no, ‘a certificate and eXpOsuRe’ barely cuts it.

Unpaid internships are slavery so we don’t buy that. So, logically, the first query would be, “Is that a paid internship?” But, it looks like bosses have devised nefarious ways to deal with this question.

Case in point: This Reddit User shares his chat with the CEO of a start-up where the latter is asking his intern to pay 5k because it is a paid internship. 

Uhm, what? Is this new definition of ‘paid internship’ official yet? And, if you pay close attention and care to read his message, you’ll notice that the definition isn’t the only thing he’s got wrong.

However, the user was quick to feed us with an update.

This is what Redditors had to say: 

The greater the demand for internships, the more fraudsters appear to try to dupe you. So, even if the internships are online, do some research on the company by visiting their website. Connect with its employees on LinkedIn and then take a call.

And most essentially, DO NOT pay to get a paid internship. Thanks.