A few days ago, this video went viral on the internet. And the entire country was soon in on the trend. 

Yes, it’s the chai peelo fraands woman, Somvati Mahawar, who made waves on the internet with her sassy garam hai, in the end.

Now, we Indians love our chai and everyone knows it. 


But thanks to the popularity of this video, Somvati’s endearing request to drink chai has reached foreign countries, as well.

Recently, this video of a guy re-enacting Somvati, surfaced on the internet and people couldn’t help but share it. 

TBH, it’s not half as good as hers and he doesn’t even say ‘garam hai’.

But the important message of chai peelo is reaching people across the world, and that’s a good sign. 

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here sipping on tea, with no likes on my chai picture.