Sometimes, we do things purely out of an itch to experiment. And this one today is just that because we don’t have another rational explanation. A few years before, we used Google Translate to get English versions of iconic Bollywood songs. This time we’re doing the opposite by translating excerpts from popular English songs into Hindi. With ChatGPT, of course!

With errors here and there, ChatGPT came up with English songs so lost in LITERAL translations that now they’re funny, and we really want to ruin some of your favourite songs. Take a look:

Shakira - Hips Don't Lie 
Funny English translations to Hindi

Kya hai tumhare paas?

funny translations into Hindi by CHatGPT One love

Namaste, kya aap samasya hain?

ChatGPT hindi translations ofr famous english songs Taylor Swift Anti-Hero


ChatGPT translations of English Songs Until I Found you
english songs translations into hindi

Who’s your shakkar-ke-boo?

Popular english songs translated to Hindi
English songs translations in Hindi

Don’t we all love sasti khushiyaan?

Cheap Thrills hindi version
English songs in Hindi bizarre

LOL. Wrecking Ball in Hindi >>> Wrecking Ball English. Sorry, not sorry.

Pop Songs in Hindi
best english songs translated to Hindi

Prem ki meethi sharab is a phrase that I’m never gonna forget now. I know it already.

english songs in hindi - Rhythm Divine
Counting Stars Hindi versions of Best English songs

Who’ll be standing under your chhatri forever and always?

Umbrella by Rihanna funny Hindi version
Popular English songs in Hindi translations One Direction Night Changes

So, ChatGPT confused between khona and khodna. But, we don’t mind the errors.

ChatGPT translates English songs in Hindi

Which of these are now scarred in your brain?

Design Credits: Sawan Kumari