Okay two things. Firstly, yes Chetan Bhagat is back with a new book. And secondly, you read that headline right. There’s a TEASER VIDEO on YOUTUBE for his upcoming book.


To be very honest, we all knew that he was about to release a new book.

Because he’d been promoting it since, like, forever.


Here’s an artist’s representation of how we felt about that incessant promotion on his behalf.

Source: Chetan Bhagat


…and from what we understand from the teaser, it’s a story about soon-to-be-bride Radhika Mehta; a strong, independent, young woman whom you might not like because ‘she’s had sex before’.

Source: Chetan Bhagat


Maybe this is a sequel to his earlier novel ‘Half Girlfriend’. Maybe the half girlfriend has become one now.


As is the case with every Chetan Bhagat novel, even though you kinda know what you’ll be getting, you don’t exactly get what you’d hoped you’d get. Getting what I’m sayin’? 

As pointed out by this Twitter user.

Maybe Chetan’s next should be about his childhood days and he should name the book ‘Chhota Chetan’. Just saying.

While the teaser for his new book looks damn cliched, we can only hope that the book proves us wrong. Check out the teaser right here.