Nobody comes even close to Shashi Tharoor in using complex English words. His vocabulary is unmatched. And getting validation from him is an achievement in itself.

Telegraph India

This time the Congress MP made Chetan Bhagat’s day.

Earlier today, he posted an article written by Chetan Bhagat on Twitter and praised his writing.

Elated to receive applause from Tharoor, Chetan Bhagat took to Twitter to thank him and requested if he could use some big words, like he always does.

The Congress MP happily obliged and did what he is best at.

While it’s complicated to understand what he wrote, it’s not at all difficult to make memes. So, Twitter did what was easy.

Jokes and all are fine. Let’s talk English here. 

Here’s the meaning of those big-ass words used by Shashi Tharoor. ‘Sesquipedalian’ means a word being polysyllabic, ‘Rodomontade’ is boastful, ‘convolutions’ means complex, ostentation means being pretentious, ‘limpid’ means clear and ‘perspicacity’ means to be shrewd.

I am sure Chetan Bhagat would be regretting making the request.